Leave the Path, Blaze the Trail: Discover World’s best beach riding with Wild Coast Horse Riding Adventures

Ride the Wild Coast, following in the footsteps of the Rockethorse Race’s 2018 champion

You saw the Rockethorse Race – now it’s time to discover the Wild Coast first hand with Wild Coast Horse Riding Adventures and their world-class trail horses. 

Your heart’s pounding in time to the beat of your horse’s hooves on the hard sand. The sweet scent of fires from the local villages conjures up images of the past while the sea crashes into the coastline like a wild beast. It’s hard to visit Africa without feeling the passion, history and bloodshed that the continent is built on. It’s even harder to visit the Wild Coast South Africa without feeling that you’ll be back again one day. And you will.
A few weeks back, 14 brave horse riders from around the world took on what is fast becoming known as the toughest horse race in the world. Organised by former Mongol Derby winner, Barry Armitage, the Rockethorse Race sees competitors tackle impossible terrain and daunting rivers as they race 350km from the northern end of the Wild Coast to its southernmost point at the Great Kei River. Not for the faint-hearted. These men and women, as well as their courageous, sure-footed steads are the new heroes of a region famous for being the birthplace of the seminal Nelson Mandela.

Sounds like a bit much for those of us more used to hacking along muddy lanes and enjoying a weekend horseback pub crawl, doesn’t it?

Fortunately, it’s not only Barry Armitage and his team who have a passion for the Wild Coast. Julie-Anne Gower has been sending horses along the spectacular cliff tops and endless golden Wild Coast beaches of the Eastern Cape since 2003 and, without her, maybe the Rockethorse Race would never have come about.

Way back when Barry embarked on his first long-distance horse adventure with associate and brother-in-law Joe Dawson, Julie-Anne at Wild Coast Horse Trails came to their rescue. With barefoot horses struggling with the long daily distances necessary to keep Barry and Joe on the heels of the legendary Dick King, Julie-Anne provided fresh horses to help them reach their goal – to ride over 900 km from Durban to Grahamstown in 10 days, just as King did back in 1842.
Chaffed and tired, Barry and Joe finished the Ride of the Peacemaker in 2010, fulfilling their desire to rediscover “the lost art of journeying long distance on horse” and “challenging people’s perceptions of what is possible with a horse”. Even if 900km in 10 days sounds like a bit too much for you, you can be sure than any Wild Coast horse riding experience will challenge your perceptions, change your approach to horses and transform your soul forever.

Wild Coast Horse Riding Adventures explore the southern section of the Wild Coast on a monthly basis, on their Wild Coast Horse Trail,  giving you the chance to trace the steps of the Rockethorse Race’s contestants’’ last blast to the finish line. 

Discover the complexity of the terrain from in the saddle on the back of a home-bred horse brought up in a loving, natural environment. Take in the breathtaking cliff paths, wade through lagoons and relax in a traditional coastal hotel, sipping a gin and tonic while you revel in the memories that will last a lifetime.

For more information email wildcoasthorsetrails2@gmail.com and we will send you the itinerary 

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