And then it happens...

"You have this whole day to fill with life." Go ahead and allow yourself to be overwhelmed with gratitude. Then focus the energy of that gratitude into purposeful living. You have good thoughts to think, good people to connect with, amazing experiences to have. Get up, get excited about the possibilities, and get going.
I love all those memes - you know, those feel good, positive posts! I have shared many over the years, funny, intelligent, deep, sad, motivating - I have been through all of those emotions. They often touch a feeling, and put it in to words at just the right time, and you can click and share them, and just put it out there that you have it all under control ... but lately a few have crossed my desktop that are really relevant to me right at this time -  I saw them and immediately they touched base, YES!!!  This is how I feel, this is where I am!  OMG - this is great :-) 

When you have survived a lot of stuff, family drama, and more family drama, loved, lost, survived more than one crippling drought, got tough tightened you belt, raised two children, been broke, been in debt, lost your folks, and you son, survived, cleared more debt, built a business, changed it a dozen times, raised horses, lost horses, built a farm, nearly lost the farm, built it back up, kept things going, sold the farm, moved, bought a house, and started a new businesses, and still keep growing your other business, and you are going to be 52 this year and you are still with the same man for 23 year (and you still kinda like n love him), you think to yourself hells bells, I have been through a lot, when is it going to end?.... and then it happens...

All those positive memes you have kept posting and liking start working, and suddenly you  feel like its all coming together, things feel good. You know you still have to work at it and keep the positive energy going, but you feel lighter, its all just a little easier. You are at peace.  You have found yourself again, and now its time to dust of the cobwebs and straighten a rather battered crown. Saddle up, find your joy again and start the next chapter of life's adventures. 

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