Horse happenings

The past 6 months or so have rolled together in a blur of activity.  How does one recap and explain what has gone on when the days just seem to roll into one another?  So I am not going to - in any case, my Facebook page keeps a running score of our daily activity, so I dont think it is necessary to say everything again - do you?

So where are we now?  It is mid winter here in South Africa.  Compared to much of the country, we are green and enjoy a mild climate - there has been some serious snow on the mountains the last week or two and we can feel it in the wind!!
Thank goodness the drought is over (for now!)  we had good rain and good grass growth this past summer, but it will take another season to fully recover properly.
The horses are all looking fat, fluffy, fit and healthy and are being well looked after by our current group of working riding holiday guest!  Some of the girls even braved a freezing swim in the dam last week....needless to say, Roz and Amanda played camera man and opted out....ha ha...they knew how cold the water was.....the screams of shock and laughter got me out of the office....!!!

I am very excited to see how our young up and coming horses are going to do over the next few months.  Roz has been working hard starting all the youngsters...Spritzer and Cataba (two 4 year old TB fillies that were given to us) are going to be super trail horses.  Then there is Tullani, Twain, Dasher, and Tic Tak - they are all working nicely and will be ready to go down and do some beach work soon.  Tatum still needs to be done and Ashley says that he wants to start Taz Man himself.
I am falling in love with Tic Tak - and think that he might be "the one".....he talks to me and there is definitely a connection between us, I have missed not having my own horse - and I think that he might just be my next partner. I love riding Tara, and she is my working partner and lead horse, but being a mare she is very Independent  and does not need to have a human best friend....

At the beginning of July, I went up to Fauresmith to support Ashley and the Perseverance team.  Sadly not a good ride for them, but a great (and cold) week for me, catching up with friends and just being away for a few days.  It was also great spending time with Barry and Joe again!!  We have some exciting plans up our sleeves, so stay tuned - you might want to be part of this next adventure!

Till next time....
Happy riding