Starting again!

I can hardly believe that is is 2 and a half years since I first opened this blog page - and I am only just getting to it now!!  Crazy hey?  So bare with me while I get into it proper.  I have been creating a great interactive facebook fan page, and rebuilding the web site, so I think I can be forgiven.  But I digress, to the blog, My objective is to keep a diary of the day to day happenings on a horse farm in Africa.  I am sure that it wont be everyday - that would just get too boring, but certainly an on going ramble about horse stuff, what our work riders have been up to and our adventures on horse trail along the coast.

We have around 60 horses at Sunray Farm, that is alot of personality to work with - besides enjoying the networking on the internet, they are the great love of my life.  Even if I dont get to ride everyday, just having them outside my window and knowing that I can pop out at anytime to go say hi and give someone a hug keeps me grounded and sane :-)

So stay with me, and come share a little of our life here in Africa on the Wild Coast........